Seasoned Experts

Experience makes the Difference

The quality and experience of the individual employees supporting the hardware is a major differentiator throughout the hardware lifetime.

Customer Satisfaction

Understanding your Core Business

Understanding your core business is crucial to achieving alignment between customer and supplier.

Lifecycle Management

Management of Assets

Our Lifecycle Management approach is under development. It is designed for your peace of mind.

What We Offer

DazzlePad offers a range of products for professional organisations. DazzlePad delivers service to organizations throughout the lifecycle of the equipment.
  • The three parts of Lifecycle Management are Purchase, Manage and Support. Lifecycle Management is not necessarily available from the same supplier. People bring their own cell phones and computers to the office today. We call this: Consumerization. You are a professional organization and you need to manage the three phases of the lifecycle for this equipment. DazzlePad offers a choice of services for your piece of mind.   contact »
  • The folks behind DazzlePad have extensive experience in the support of hardware for both small and large organizations. We are aware that your business requires standard support services for non critical applications but tailored approaches to core applications. That is why we offer a choice of hardware support services. Have a look in our Support List Overview.   contact»


Support List

  • >> standard warranty
  • >> extended warranty
  • >> advance replacement
  • >> next Business Day replacement
  • >> next Business Day replacement ++
  • >> time and materials
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